‘Like’ your way to a dream wedding



Franklin’s couples are posting their proposal stories on Facebook to collect ‘likes’ and win a $2000 dream wedding.

The ‘Franklin’s Most Romantic Proposal’ competition is using the popular social media platform to bring together the community and create buzz for the local bridal businesses.

Bridal boutique owner Kristina Salmons is the brain behind the idea and is using local businesses that specialise in catering for weddings and events to pitch in for the prize.

“We know how expensive weddings can be and we thought why not give back to one lucky couple through our professional work,” says Mrs Salmons.

Franklin has become an online community and Facebook is an “invaluable business tool,” says prize contributor and wedding photographer Lisa Foster.

There are at least six Franklin community pages on Facebook.

“Before Facebook, it would’ve just been a poster on the wall somewhere, that only people who walked past could see,” says Ms Foster.

“But today, it gives you the flexibility to connect with a wide range of people regardless of geography.”

The wedding competition that started on Valentine’s Day and currently has seven competitors, with some receiving more than 300 Facebook likes.

Contestants Rebekah Linton and Hiroshi Ochiai were high school sweethearts and have been together for five years.

“We’re quite tight on money and as you know, weddings are really expensive so any voucher towards it is really handy,” says Miss Linton.

The couple has garnered more than 400 likes and is patiently waiting for the result to be announced after April 4 when the competition closes, says Miss Linton.

Rebecca Flavell and her fiancé Nat Hollings say they are overwhelmed by the community’s online support.

“The Franklin page brings the whole community together – the love that people give complete strangers is amazing,” says Miss Flavell