Follow up with event coordinator Bevan + NZ herald feature, weekly question

Bevan had offered a followup interview incase there were any questions I had missed on the day. Today I decided to take up her offer as I did have a couple questions I wanted an answer to. The questions were how much the vendors are charged to set up their stalls as Bevan only mentioned that they are not charged full price but didn’t explain what the normal price would be. Also I wanted to ask her why the ‘wash against waste concept is used’ as opposed to using recyclable disposable cutlery that many food stalls and markets use- as the wash against waste concept has been criticised. The other questions I wanted to ask were about the Wise Women circle as well as if she was still the market coordinator of the event.

I decided to contact her through her cell phone, which I had successfully contacted her through before, however today when I tried, the number was no longer allocated to her phone as her network provider mentioned. The recent media attention she has received in relation to Auckland Mayor Len Brown may place me in a difficult situation to have a successful follow up with Bevan Chuang. Bevan Chuang has had very recent news coverage about her personal relations with Mayor Len Brown.

I contacted Auckland Council however, and they told me that the person in charge of the New Lynn night market is still Bevan Chuang.

This week’s question is “What does your photos/video add to your news story and your story telling?”

Video and photos add an interactive level to the blog. The viewer not only gets to read about the story but also see things about the story. In my case the video interview I did with Bevan had a very successful response. Due to the current media blowout regarding the admitted affair between Bevan Chuang and Mayor Len Brown, my video interview received further significance as it was perhaps the last media coverage of Bevan Chuang since the news broke.

One of my video interviews that I had uploaded on my YouTube page has been put up on the  video section of the New Zealand Herald website which can be found here

Photos and videos add dimension to the story and allow for better understanding of the story, as the features may provide for more relatibility.



Interview with Bevan Chuang part 1

In this interview Bevan explains the inspiration behind the idea of the night market.

Key points from this interview are below:

  • The concept has been inspired by the overseas night markets from the Asian countries
  • The out door concept that is the main feature of these markets overseas has had some criticism mainly due to New Zealand’s unpredictable weather
  • Create an attraction, “something different”; perhaps create a tourist or visitors destination also
  • Stalls at the New Lynn night market are hand picked
  • “I bring them in because they sell something different to the other stores” – keeping a variety also reduces competition as it is only a small night market