Friendly attempt to lower crime rate



Police in Mt Roskill are encouraging residents to get to know each other in a bid to bring down the suburb’s crime rate.

‘Know Your Neighbour’ is an initiative to get residents on a database to prevent serial thefts and burglaries.

As part of the project, active community member Taki Tuhaka is using the app Neighbourly to invite neighbours to become part of the conversation.

“We’re trying to get neighbours to help make their community safer by getting them to know each other and look after each other.”

Constable Owen Carl says Mt Roskill and Mt Albert are taking part in the initiative because police have identified higher volumes of easily preventable burglaries in these areas.

“The old days of people coming out and speaking to their neighbours are gone – we just want people to come out, look around, tell us and also tell your neighbour what’s going on,” says Mr Carl.

During the introductory event on March 13, police and neighbourhood patrollers walked door-to-door and handed out information leaflets with complimentary tea bags, says Mr Carl.

“It’s got all the emergency numbers on it. Great to have in your house – put it on your fridge. And if you do feel like bringing your neighbour in, there’s a tea bag too.”

Mr Tuhaka says the more people are familiar with each other, the more they will protect one another.

Some 207 cases of unlawful entry with intent of burglary were recorded in residential parts of central Auckland from last October to December, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Mr Tuhaka and Constable Carl hope to meet with community members regularly.


Nation’s fashion capital to get makeover.

By Anuja Nadkarni


Auckland University’s new campus on Khyber Pass Rd will bring a fresh focus on hospitality services to Newmarket, adding to its fashion image.

Following the completion of parts of the campus late last year, the Newmarket Business Association is looking at rebranding the industrial and commercial hub.

The suburb is looking to add hospitality and restaurant culture to its “glamorous” fashion image, says Margaret Mateo, marketing and events coordinator for the association.

“We don’t want to be known just as the fashion capital,” she says.

The association dubbed Newmarket the nation’s “fashion capital” in 2005, when its growing number of retail store members decided the suburb needed to be seen as more than just a convenient traffic junction.

The mix between the Westfield Mall and little boutique stores provides “the best of both worlds” for any shopping enthusiast, says Alina Tahoe, Recycle Boutique sales assistant.

Ms Tahoe says the increased traffic as a result of the new campus will help drive forward the image the suburb wants to create.

“The whole idea is that you can work here, shop here, play here and now study here.”

The campus, which is located at the former Lion Breweries site on Khyber Pass Road, is part of the university’s long-term development plan.

The university’s website says 200 staff and students moved to the new facility last October and more people from the engineering and science faculties are due to relocate in the year.