Interviews with customers

While on my visit to the night market, I interviewed two customers, who are both local residents, on their thoughts about the night market. Unfortunately neither wanted their photo on the internet.  Kanna Flemming and a young man who wanted only to be known as James were the two people I interviewed separately.

What attracted you to the night market?

James: “One of my mates told me about it so I was keen for the food and… the lively atmosphere- also curiosity [laughs]”

Kanna: “I just wanted to check it out- something new I guess for New Lynn”

How did you find out about the night market, and how many have you attended so far?

James: “Initially through the Auckland Council website a few months back and then a couple of my mates talked about going…This is my second one”

Kanna: “This is my first time- I heard from a friend actually” 

How do you think this event has affected the New Lynn community?

James: “Events like this are great… you get to learn new things, try new cuisines and tastes, so I guess its a good way to educate people in a sense”

Kanna: “Its brought different cultures together…There’s a little more activity here now as well”

Would you like to see the night market continue, also perhaps expand around Auckland?

James: “Yes I would. I think… there already are some- there’s one in Papakura… Auckland is such a mix, so I think these events highlight that…it’s good!”    

Kanna: “I think I’d like to see that, yeah…Maybe they could also…sell different things- clothes, jewelry… artifacts and stuff.”


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