Totara Avenue- The street: Assignment story angle

After getting caught up in the struggle to find a story- and the bitter response I received from the Auckland Night Market company mentioned in a earlier post, I forgot to bring light on my final chosen street itself. For my angle I have decided to base my story on the developments around Totara Avenue, as the criteria for the assignment was to base the story on the happenings of a particular street. The night market will, however, still remain my main focus in terms of the events occurring in the area, but I still aim to integrate aspects of the area around Totara Ave’s history into my story.

Totara Avenue is an interesting street as it has seen many major developments over the years- with the Auckland Transport facility development being one of the significant ones. The street has seen several changes and been a hub to multicultural activities as the suburb’s Community Center can be found here, Totara Avenue is the perfect street for the night market. Also the layout of the street, which is known as the ‘shared space street’ encourages street activity as it is more pedestrian friendly.

Here are some before and after images of Totara Avenue’s development- with the help of Google Maps.



As the images show the area has developed greatly over the past few years. The last photo shows the Community Centre where the night market is held. Below is an image of the night market that I took on my last visit.


The New Lynn area has seen so much change. Initially it was bustling as it was home to New Zealand’s largest brick factory- The Brick and Tile Company. Post-war,  more houses were being built around the industrial township. The residential development in New Lynn pushed for the retail and commercial development. It was the place where New Zealand’s first shopping centre was opened- Lynn Mall. The mall recently its 50th year as it was officially opened in 1963. Sources: and


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