Interviewing Bevan Chuang- part 2

This clip has Bevan speaking about the success of the night market. The key points of  the interview are below.

  •  In the 14th week of the New Lynn night market, they sold around 530 plates of food
  • Due to the Winter weather in June, when it started, the night market was off to a slow start however, with the weather settling down, the market has gotten more business.
  • The Auckland Council have advertised the night market through their posters, pamphlets, Facebook page and their website. As the even has not been very big it hasn’t had extensive advertising. The main form of exposure has been through word of mouth.
  • “I’ll be really sad to see it go, irrespective of whether it will be a Council run event or someone else takes it on- because I think it has a huge potential of making it work…its good for the New Lynn area”
  • “We don’t want it to be a commercial thing, we only want it as a community event.” 

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