Interview with street vendor #2

Here is my second interview with another vendor at the New Lynn night market. I interviewed Bhavna Deshpande, who runs an Indian street food stall at the night market. She and her husband run the stall and both are happy with the response they are receiving at the market.

How long have you been participating as a vendor at the New Lynn night market?

Almost 2 months

What are your thoughts on the concept of the night market in New Lynn?

It’s good. But needs some more marketing because people don’t know there is a night market in the community centre- so definitely need to improve their advertising, through the internet and public activity boards…So hopefully we’ll get a good response. This week we are really busy, but…the last six weeks it was terrible, [with] no people…but last two weeks its going good….

What do you think is the best part of the night market in New Lynn?

I like the communities helping different cultures, different people… It’s really good because everybody wants to… [showcase] their food to everybody…We are learning from them, they are learning from us

Would you like to see more of these around Auckland and perhaps New Zealand?

Yes, definitly- because people get choices…this…event will allow them to explore themselves and learn different things

Which stalls do you like to visit as a customer?

It’s really hard…[laughs]. I tried everything and honestly speaking every [stall] has their qualities, so I don’t want to choose one…because it’s really hard for me! All foods are delicious- mind blowing!

With this only being a six month project would you like to see this become a permanent event?

Yeah…for the summer period…we will get a good response….They can extend it but I’m not sure with New Zealand weather…



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