Night markets now and then…

The Auckland Council website advertises the New Lynn market like a place for the whole family to enjoy. This reminded me of a conversation I had with my neighbour yesterday. Her name is Nadine Lahart, and she lives just down the road from me, she is probably in her late eighties, and she was telling mum and I how she used to go to night markets with her family back in the 50s and it was a normal thing since they did not have malls and nothing close to online shopping. I thought this was an interesting fact as she said it so casually as though it was a common occurrence, and mum and I were silly to be intrigued!!

Any who, what I thought was most interesting is that with half the population of New Zealand and probably more than that in total globally using new age technology to shop, there is still demand for ‘old school’ shopping at these more interactive night markets. I may interview Nadine again for more on how the night markets used to be like in her time, but until then I will keep you updated, perhaps with a visit to the Totara Avenue market.


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