Interview problems + New Lynn night market

So I contacted the manager of the Auckland Night Markets company via email explaining the whole situation of the assignment brief, and whether or not I could interview him etc.

I was quite shocked at the very angry reply I received, stating I had no permission whatsoever to interview or do any type of research on their night markets! So I tried calling the manager, the first time I was asked to call later and so I did. The second time around the phone was engaged, but yet I persevered. Third time’s a charm right? Wrong! Guess what, he was unable to comment again. Instead I spoke to someone else who told me the manager was too busy for an interview and hung up before I could get any reply for who she was.

Here is a screenshot of the email reply.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 6.32.23 PM

I have discussed this with my tutor and she encouraged me to find a way around this issue. After doing some research I found that there is also another night market that runs on Thursdays in New Lynn which is backed by the Auckland Council. I have emailed an Auckland Council representative regarding the interview and hopefully I can get a more favourable response!



4 thoughts on “Interview problems + New Lynn night market

  1. I am completely appalled at this response and how aggressive it is! I think you should post this response on Facebook/Twitter and let people know about this company and how they treat people that are just trying to do an assignment. This could be an area to research for your article potentially

    • I know right?! Just a good ol’ school assignment and they reply like that?! It makes you think they probable have something to hide or something! Anyway got another interview so it doesn’t matter now 🙂

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