Final Topic?

So after, what seemed like just running around in circles for the past couple of weeks with no progress, I decided to scrap my previous topic on the Dominion Road upgrade.

After thinking hard I decided to stray away from my street and explore other locations for potential stories.

With some deliberation I think my final topic is going to be the rise of the Auckland Night markets, specifically the one held on Church Street on Thursday evenings, in Onehunga. The Auckland night markets are just what the sound like. They have really popped up on several locations in the last two years. What interested me was the fact that not many people even know about these places. I also found they have their own website. What I thought was of interest was the fact that it is such a community spirited occurrence that provides some excitement for local residents on the weekends. I want to explore how this idea started, why it has taken off, who are the people that visit and man the stalls, how many people attend these markets and what is in the future of these markets.

I also want to go into how this represents Auckland’s multicultural prospects. I think one of the criticism of Auckland as a Metropolitan city its lack of ethnic enclaves. However, I think  through these night market stalls we have multiple, multicultural enclaves, which is a quality that is not so common in the rest of the world.  I believe this story has newsworthy qualities as it provides a basis for human interest, proximity and timeliness.

I am keen to interview the stall vendors as well as the organisers and people of the general public to find out their awareness of the night markets. I also think it would be important to get in the view points of not only the general public that are unaware but also of those who do attend these markets!


2 thoughts on “Final Topic?

  1. Great story Anuja! I’m really interested to see how you develop the whole cultural aspect into your story. I’ve never attended the Onehunga Night Markets, however I hear that people mostly go there for the diverse range of ethnic foods and overall culture of the place. Keep up the good work!

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