Target Audience + Updated

So recently we were briefed by our lecturer to answer some key questions on a weekly bases to help keep our blogs and stories on track. This week’s question asks who our target audience is. For the Dominion Road Update story [which I might not go ahead with…] my target audience were the commuters who use the busy road on a regular basis, as well as local residents to whom the change may affect.

As for the update that I mentioned in the title and briefly above, concerns my topic for the final news story. After researching the Dominion Road upgrade topic, I came to a bit of a dead end. Even though the story did fit the news values of proximity and human interest, I have been finding it hard to find the right angle to the story to make it news worthy for the final article. As I have been finding this quite a challenge due to lack of conflict in the issue to make it interesting or easy to research and get interviews on, I consulted my tutor who also thought its not the easiest topic to find an angle on. So my plan now is to research some more on the Road, (perhaps find some historical buildings) until I find something that may be of relevance and in my favor. Till then I will keep you posted…

New Update: As I have changed my topic from the Dominion Road Extension upgrade story to the developments around Totara Avenue in New Lynn, I thought I should probably mention my new target audience for my new topic. My audience for the Totara Avenue developments and the New Lynn night market event are not really the people who are close residents of the area, but those who live in the wider New Lynn area or West Auckland; as well as visitors and tourists as it shares sites with both historical and current significance. My story aims to bring light on not just the developments that have already occurred around Totara Avenue but also the current events present there like the local night market- as there aren’t many people who are aware of the current happenings- let alone the area’s history. Totara Avenue has been part of major developments not just on the infrastructure front, but also in it becoming a multicultural hub- it is my aim to highlight the happenings of the underrated area through my chosen topic.


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